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Take Care Your Box for Automatic Watch, Take Care Your Watch.

Every automatic watch owner probably has heard or even owns a Box for an automatic watch or commonly called Watch Winder. With how the device makes their watch winding routine simple, people often make it a regular part of their routine.

Chances are,  you just acquired a watch box for automatic watches. Now you seek advice about the ins and outs of the watch winder and how to properly take care of your watch winder so It keeps running and fits to wind your watch.

Now, to place a watch in a watch winder, you must open or remove the box enclosure. Take the holder and adjust your watch there. After you put the holder back to the watch box for automatic watches and make sure its perfectly in, you can start settings the winder to wind your watch. Set the rotation and how much turns per day you want. Generally, watch winders have 650 – 950 turns per day. So consider what your watch needs first.

Take a look at your power supply of watch box for automatic watches, is it using AC power, batteries or rechargeable batteries? Either way, give them a check or two every 3 months to guarantee its capability. If the box uses electricity, make sure that is it compatible with your residency electricity outlet or you must adjust the electricity with adaptor.

Place your box for the automatic watch indoor and avoid direct sunlight. Great places to put your watch winder are in the office desk, bedroom or living room as there are so many artistic watch winder you can show off. Maintain the appearance with carefully clean the accumulated dust with a cotton rug and don’t use water or solvents to either your watch winder or your watches.

Put the watch winder in the case if you planned to not using your watch winder in a long time. Store it in a dry and cold place as humidity corrodes metals and increased temperature will only accelerate chemical reaction to your watch.

When you already treat your watch box for automatic watches with great care, the watch winder in exchange will treat your automatic watch. Now you can enjoy the winding routine with your watch winder.

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