What is a Watch Winder?

What is a Watch Winder?

Have you ever heard about an automatic watch winder? Watch winders are a tool meant for automatic watches. An automatic watch itself is a mechanical watch whose power source is generated automatically by the rotation of the rotor. The rotor will rotate if the watch is shaken either intentionally or unintentionally when the owner wears it. Rotor rotation will make the mainspring or spring tighten.

The mainspring is then in charge of moving the gear wheels on the clock movement so that the clock hands rotate consistently. In this article, we will talk more about the watch winder that keeps the watch running.

About Watch Winders

An automatic watch winder is a tool that is specifically designed to charge automatic winding watches. Invented by John Harwood back in the 1920s, a watch winder was initially proposed to maintain automatic watches. This tool works by rotating the automatic mechanical watch that is placed in the watch winder at the set speed. While the watch is being wound, the rotor is restrained by the force of gravity, tightening the mainspring that then releases power to the gear wheels.

Therefore, the machine of the automatic mechanical watch will not stop or turn off, though you do not wear it.

Needs or Just Aesthetics?

If you see it from its function, watch winders are extremely beneficial for auto mechanical watch owners who do not actively use their watch for some reasons. By using a watch winder, they can make sure that their precious watch keeps functioning. However, the use of a watch winder is more than a tool to charge an auto watch. You can also use a watch winder as a place to aesthetically store your mechanical watch.

By storing your watch in an automatic watch winder, it will boost the aesthetic value of your precious watch itself.

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